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Archangelos Car Rental

Archangelos is a famous tourist attraction in the Island of Rhodes. The village of Archangelos offers diverse amusements and attractions particularly during the summer months. This village has to be explored using the service of car rental at Archangelos that offers the most competitive price in the region. You will have immediate roadside breakdown assistance once you need it. With the unlimited mileage offered by the service of car rental at Archangelos, you will have a grand time exploring the surrounding area of Archangelos. Likewise, if you get the service of car rental at Archangelos, you don’t have to pay for any additional charges. Our customer support will answer all your booking queries fulltime.

Archangelos Highlights

Ideally located in the eastern side of the seashore and the southern part of the City of Rhodes is the village called Archangelos. When you rent a car at Archangelos, you will notice the slender roads, scenic views and interesting dwellings of this place. Driving on the rented car is a joyous trip with added attraction of the pleasant environment and the hospitality of the local public. Once you are in this town, you will have the chance to socialize with the culture and custom of the locals.

One of the attractions of this place when you tour the area once you hire a car at Archangelos, are the locals with the traditional manner of baking breads using the timber charged oven. You can still observe the old customary carpet and pottery making which are still practiced by some locals. Archangelos is rich with religious places such as Archangel Michael and of Saint John. You can still find the bell tower of the 19th century at Archangel Church while Saint John church carries beautiful works of the 14th century art. Archangelos is where people gather to see the collected works of art.

A car hire at Archangelos is the perfect way to explore the culture and customs of this village.

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